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Do you wonder what chimney cakes are?

Sweet Chimney Bakery’s Chimney Cakes and Cones are delicious traditional Hungarian street food. They could be called Chimney Cake, Kurtoskalacs or Trdelnik, but regardless of its name, the most important part of this amazing dessert is its unique taste and shape. The pastry got its name after its original hollow shape. It is widely popular in Eastern Europe and its quickly becoming a big favorite here in the US.

All about quality

Our freshly made dough is baked to perfection on wooden rods in a rotisserie oven. The caramelized sugar on the outside can be additionally flavored with all kinds of goodness, like cinnamon, coconut flakes, sprinkles, or nuts. Because chimney cakes and cones are hollow, they can be also layered on the inside with Nutella.

A profound experience

Sweet Chimneys are soft on the inside and crunchy on the outside. People often say that they are addictive. Indeed, once you taste their unique flavors you just can’t get enough! So, if you already love chimney cake, or you are new to this wonderful dessert, next time visit us at one of our many events.

Our commitment to our customers


Fresh Ingredients

We only use fresh ingredients in all our Chimney Cakes and Cones. No artificial flavors or colors added during production.


Healthy Baking

Our Chimneys are never fried, they are baked over open flames in our special rotisserie oven until they reach golden brown perfection.


Product Quality

We take great pride in the fact that all our products are hand crafted. Each individual Chimneys are unique and made with great care until they are reaching you.

See what our customers have to say

"Initially I bought one chimney cone with ice cream. The ladies who served me asked: Will you be sharing this? If you are, you might as well buy two because you will end up standing in line again for another one. I declined. Few minutes later I was in the line again. They were right, IT IS TOO GOOD TO SHARE!!"
  • positive review  It is better than the ones at home!! ?????

    thumb Teri Ambrus
  • 5 star review  We have been dying to try this for two years, but have always missed it. The cone was amazing and delicious! We will definitely be repeat customers!

    thumb Bethany Perry Clark
  • 5 star review  Pretty much still reminiscing about the one I had last month and figuring out when I can buy another one. �

    thumb Anne Lynch
  • positive review  So tasty! The boozy cone was delicious.

    thumb Jason Dominy
  • positive review  Delicious Kurtoskolacs, better than back home ? ? ? !

    thumb Ruxandra Tocitu
  • 5 star review  We just had chimney cake and they were absolutely delicious. The best one we’ve ever had. This is a MUST try desert!

    thumb Razvan Pop
  • 5 star review  I visited the Atlanta International Night Market when I stumbled across this amazing smelling food truck. The line was long but I decided to wait patiently for this food venture. The process is quick and easy once you're ready to order. The customer service was great and the staff made sure to great every customer with a smile and fill their orders with sincere enthusiasm. The taste is pretty amazing especially when it's nice and warm. I chose to try Nutella with my chimney and I was extremely happy with results. Truth is I had chimney cakes before and it can be disappointing. I had them at other places before where the dough was to hard or tasteless or even stale. But not Sweet Chimney Bakery. They bake their cakes right there on the spot (which is very entertaining to watch while you are in line by the way) and give you a warm amazing tasting good smelling piece of heaven. Look out for their next event and give them a try. At least that is what I am doing for sure!

    thumb Hencike Mezei
  • positive review  Awesome place and products.

    thumb Samuel D. Szücs
  • positive review  Amazing Kürtőskalács, they serve specialty coffee, food truck, very friendly staff

    thumb Carla Van Nuys
  • 5 star review  So yummy!! The owners are awesome! I love the cinnamon ones!!

    thumb Kelsey Hokett

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