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Join Zoo Atlanta and Sweet Chimney Bakery

What are chimney cakes?

The Chimney Cake is a delicious traditional Hungarian street food. The pastry got its name after its original hollow shape. It is widely popular in Eastern Europe and its quickly becoming a big favorite all over the world. The freshly made dough is baked to perfection on a wooden rod in a rotisserie oven. The caramelized sugar on the outside can be additionally flavored with all kinds of goodness, like cinnamon, coconut flakes, sprinkles and nuts. It can be also layered on the inside with Nutella or peanut butter. Sweet Chimney Cakes are soft on the inside and crunchy on the outside. People often say that they are addictive. Indeed, once you taste their unique flavors you just can't get enough!

Chimney Cake Flavors


Our Traditional Chimney is flavored with crunchy plain sugar which allows for the wholesome tasty ingredients in a our pastry to dominate.


Our all time favorite the Cinnamon Chimney is a traditional chimney cake tossed in  cinnamon sugar for additional yum.


Our delicious Coconut Chimney is a traditional chimney cake dressed with rich coconut flakes, not just to give appeal but for a great signature taste.